About Us

Training & Development Consultants, Inc. (TDC) was founded in 1985 to partner with clients to develop their people by aligning development with organizational goals and real-life job challenges. Our clients benefit from our customized approach of designing targeted, cost-effective training and development solutions. We improve the effectiveness and contributions of our clients’ people while helping them to unleash their potential. We have a passion for helping people to achieve their professional and personal “bests.”

We believe that people maximize their learning and development when they:

  • Are committed to investing time and energy in their on-going development and continuous improvement
  • Participate actively
  • See the value and relevance of learning and development to their job challenges and day-to-day activities
  • Identify what they are doing effectively and what they need to do differently to improve their results
  • Stretch beyond their current abilities and comfort zones to explore new ideas and to apply new skills
  • Interact and share their experiences with others
  • Receive helpful feedback, coaching, and follow-up to reinforce new learnings.

Bev Christie, our founder and president, has more than 30 years of experience in designing and implementing customized training and development solutions for clients across industries.

She has worked with a wide range of individual and corporate clients – including presidents, COO’s, SVP’s, VP’s, directors, managers, supervisors, professional individual contributors, and support staff. Bev has also partnered extensively with clients’ subject matter experts in Finance; Health, Safety & Environment; Human Resources; IT; and R&D to design targeted, user-friendly training and development programs and materials.

Bev has designed customized selection interviewing processes, selection criteria, and structured interview guides. She has trained hundreds of recruiters, managers, and supervisors in targeted selection interviewing skills.

Bev also has extensive experience in designing competency-based Performance Management and Development processes and training programs. TDC was awarded the Team Excellence Award from Praxair for the design and implementation of their Performance Excellence Process.

Before founding TDC in 1985, Bev had 10 years of experience as a manager and consultant in Union Carbide’s Corporate Management Development Department.

Bev has an MBA from Pace University and a BA in English/Education from the University of New York at Albany.